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BF-Fi's decentralized fund system , will offer a raising and trading solution on the next-generation level for cryptocurrencies funds, will be ready for testing and landing in the third quarter of 2018. The system will accept private equity fund management companies that meet the criteria for applying to establish their own cryptocurrencies funds. BF-Fi will list detailed audit requirements and will be voted by BF community with BF-token. BF-tokens will be frozen and will be returned to voters after the vote is over. We will systematically detect voting behavior.


BF-Bank was initiated by BF-Fi. Decentralized banks based on blockchain assets will play the role of the bank, absorbing deposits and releasing loans. It will only support virtual currencies based on the blockchain, as well as the US Dollar, Euro, British Pound, Japanese Yen, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar, Swiss Franc, Korean Won and RMB. It can convert exchange rates with low fees and provide funds for virtual currency demanders. All depositor information will be forbidden to be disclosed to the public. BF-Fi debit cards will be issued later, and the use of debit card terminals and mobile payment applications will be promoted.


BF-Wallet will establish its own purse system and test the public blockchain system to establish a completely decentralized system. It will have its own blockchain browser and a public wallet system. After the public blockchain test is completed, BF will withdraw the BF-Token in circulation at a 1:1 exchange rate and eventually destroy it.


The launch of BF-Chat is to solve the problem of a separate network conference room that Telegram failed to solve. BF-Chat needs to establish a decentralized business chat software that satisfies meetings, voting, and bulletin boards. It will be used in the day-to-day meetings of the fund, including the fund owner's meeting and the fund manager meeting. This will give investors a clearer understanding of the fund's operating behavior and its compliance.
BF-Labs will be used for BF-Fi project incubation and blockchain entrepreneurs support. BF-Labs will provide these partners with system services, business services, and legal services to create greater benefits for the blockchain industry.